baby shower card ever.

best baby shower card ever.I need to get this card for my friend for her baby shower!

I <3 u card

An adorable monster card. Great for a monsters unit slash Valentine's/Mother's/Father's day card craft? In fact, I love it enough just in general that I'd even do this myself.

Someday I'll wish upon a star....

I understand the simile of trouble melting like a lemon drop. Laughter falling like a lemon drop? The next time I trip I'm going to yell out, "Like a lemon drop, baby!" (It will be the new "like a boss.") Meanwhile, would love this as a classroom poster.

Reforma casa Batlló, Barcelona, 1906 / Antoni Gaudí

thousandthfloor: Reforma casa Batlló, Barcelona, 1906 / Antoni Gaudí I really like this.

business card - letterpress

FONT - Fiction business cards by Typoretum. Letterpress printed on Cranes Lettra cotton card with custom edge painting.

love the style

this is an awesome invitation. a REALLY long time to have a long-distance relationship. but an awesome invite.

Business cards

Perrine’s Wine Shop - Business Card

Class chart, 1960s.

Class chart, 1960s.

This is a business card! A very cool business card.

atomic fiction letterpress business card seen on paper crave


"She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live" Annie Dillard ~ via Carnegie-Stout Public Library