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Sara Townsend
Horror and crime writer. I pin stuff that is either writing-related, or might end up in a future novel.
Sara Townsend
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The vintage collection was uncovered in an abandoned lift passageway closed to the public after Notting Hill Gate was last upgraded in the late 1950s. The ’50s facelift saw the “two” Notting Hill Gate stations of the District and Circle lines linked by a sub-surface ticket hall beneath the road. Escalators down to the deeper Central Line platforms replaced the ageing elevators, which were sealed off by the time the station was reopened on March 1, 1959.

Abandoned London Underground (around 50 yrs old) Very, very cool - note old posters and decay | A good book gathers no dust | Not strictly true

Berkyn Manor Library -- This abandoned manor house was once home to John Milton. It’s located located off of Stanwell Road in Horton, Slough Berkshire, Windsor and Maidenhead, England.

Abandoned Mansions in Indiana | Territorio Abandonado: Mansión Indiana

As seen in our popular feature 20 Spectacular Abandoned Mansions of the World, this beautiful abandoned house was built by Spanish settlers returning to Europe from the New World having made their fortunes.