&New Furniture

&New: Modern, Minimalist Furniture Made of Steel

andNew is a modern furniture company launched by the Anglo-Finnish duo composed of designers Jo Wilton and Mirka Grohn.

I love geometrics would like something akin to this, I like the contrast of the bright colour against the grey/purple tones.

Arise, The Japan Quake Recovery Project. Maria Grønlund, via the designer's Behance page - possible quilt idea

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What happens when 50 epic musicians allow graphic designers to interpret their work?

More modern & creative product/industrial designs | From up North

Product/industrial design inspiration

awesome indie music band posters | ... and the Magnetic Zeros | 40 Awesome Concert Posters - Yahoo! Music

View the picture 'Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' from the photo gallery Awesome Concert Posters' on Yahoo Music. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic ZerosDesigner: Dan Stiles

Paper Party | Blog | DIY Geometric Paper Ornaments in the shop today

DIY Geometric Paper Ornaments - Set of 8 Cut-and-Fold Paper Polyhedra Templates from Field Guide Design


80 Amazing Examples Of Gig Poster Designs

Gotye - Gig Poster Illustration and design studio ‘Doe Eyed’ created the amazing gig poster for Gotye’s show in the Webster Hall, New York (March,

Image Spark - Image tagged "texture", "layout", "poster" - nycreative

Circles that create a rhythm can result in an interesting design. I think we can make good use of overlapped and translucent circles if used with appropriate spacing and color.

∆ : The Connection - Jetters Visions / Jetters Visions / Jetter Green /  / Sacred Geometry <3

∆ : The Connection - Jetters Visions / Jetters Visions / Jetter Green / / Sacred Geometry

Mike Cina for Resident Advisor. See the interview at grainedit.com #designinprocess #newcreatives #grainedit

Mike Cina Interview

Intuition in design. Running a design studio. His recent work for record label Ghostly International. Creative Director Michael Cina shares all in this interview -Mike Cina Interview