don mccullin  This is more Historical photography, but oh well...

Don McCullin Vietnam war photographer, pictured here in Hue during the Tet Offensive in 1968

Don McCullin

itsjohnsen: A North Vietnamese soldier lies dead amongst his possessions. The Battle of Hué, Don McCullin

Don McCullin

US soldier during the Tet offensive, Vietnam, Photo by Don McCullin -- my husband was there, bad bad times

Don McCullin

A lone anti-war protester confronts police in Whitehall, London, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, London, 1962 Don McCullin is a war photographer who travelled all over the world to document the wars and crisis'.Photo Don McCullin

Clouds & sun over vineyard Don McCullin Feature

A Professional Photographer's Journey From Film to Digital don mccullin film digital photography black and white

Don McCullin

American soldiers, Friedrichstrasse near Checkpoint Charlie, at the time of the contruction of the Berlin Wall, Germany, August 1961 © Don McCullin / Contact Press Images / LUZphoto

Don McCullin

What can photos teach us about war? Have a look.

photo Catherine Leroy: 1967 US Marine with a wounded soldier, Vietnam war

Don McCullin CBE.The Fighting and frightening futility of war.Vietnam USA marine frozen in thoughts of terror.

A shell-shocked Marine at the Battle of Hue. Hue, South Vietnam - February 1968 Photo by Don McCullin

A US Marine taking a breather during the Battle of Huế, 1968. photo by Don McCullin.

Photograph taken by Don McCullin - Shaped By War - A US Marine takes stock during a brief pause in the fighting during the Battle for Hue, Vietnam,

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