Manny Robertson- Embroidered Metropolis. ((Each original print is composed of…

Edit // sew two portraits together to create a mixed media piece // Manny Robertson- Embroidered Metropolis. ((Each original print is composed of two portraits, one color and one black and white, that have been cut and sewn together by hand.

I feel these photos as depression engulfing me, surrounding me, caressing me, and becoming part of me. I don't know what the artist who created intended, but that's what is so wonderful about art; everyone takes away something different or interprets a piece differently. I think the important thing about a great art piece is its ability to give and affect individuals and that alone.

Something about being drunk and sad and still partying reminds me of drowning. Maybe there's a way to capture that in an abstract location?

Image from Hollys Research

Photos and collages from the world of modern_goat.I am a mixed media artist living in the high desert of New Mexico USA. I am using an iDevice to shoot, edit and create my art & collages.

Pink abstract contemporary art by Kasper Sonne

Kasper Sonne Borderline (new territory) No. 2012 Industrial Paint, Fire and Water on Canvas


Recent findings show that having a sedentary lifestyle can cause dementia in those without any previous predisposition to the disease.

Head in the clouds...

Paint-over-Photo Collage A photo has been printed, then pastel paint was painted over the face. I like the simplicity of this collage, but it still looks really nice. If I were to do this form, I would do it as a series.


Image has been processed, torn apart and stitched back together leaving many questions.

Vittorio Ciccarelli - Empty Kingdom. Again, the crisp composition is what has drawn me to this piece. The crumpled picture almost appears like a mistake, as if the quick tear is part of the story behind the work. By removing the eye of the subject, the emotion in the face is ambiguous.

exhibition-ism: Vittorio Ciccarelli de-contextualizes classical works of art to give them a whole new meaning.