pull out drawers in the cupboards near the range for pots and pans. ALSO, pull out drawers in the pantry for mixing bowls and baking supplies

50 Kitchen Ideas from the Barefoot Contessa

No more crouching to see what's in lower cupboards when you have pull-out drawers - deep enough to store the All-Clad stainless-steel pots and Le Creuset French Oven with their lids on, so you never have to search for the right top.

pull-out baking drawer

Kitchen storage drawer with Essential Baking Ingredients + lids. awesome addition to a future house

Bungalow5 Kitchen Trends 2014 Svane 1

appliance cupboard - Cupboard doors fold into cupboard exposing bench with big appliances hidden away, but easy to access and use.

pantry idea

pantry cabinet organization / Transitional Kitchen by London Cabinets & Cabinetry Brayer Design kitchen cupboard storage idea.


I will never have "cupboards" below again. They will all be pull out drawers. but of different depths. Forget the doors over the drawers.

appliance storage with easy folding door (but keep the counter clear)

14 Strategies for Hiding the Microwave

hidden appliance A bi-folding cabinet door hides coffee as well as nearly every small appliance for the kitchen. From Better Homes and Gardens.