Clear Eyed Rebel Original Oil Painting by Larriva on Etsy

Clear Eyed Rebel Original Oil Painting by Larriva// art, art work, paintings

I first discovered Harding Meyer through my A-level art and have since really loved his distortion of model portraits found in the mass media.

I don't really like drawing portraits but this guy caught my attention. (Artist Harding Meyer distorts model portraits found in mass media.

oil paintings by alyssa monks

Oil paintings {yes, paintings!} by New York based artist Alyssa Monks – I am in complete awe, I am a little bit scared, and I am kinda in the mood for a bath… while wearing red lipstick. Hm, or perhaps a steamy shower instead:


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Kim Sung Jin  painting

By Kim Sung Jin. Oil on canvas. She invariably paints sensual mesmerizing deep red lips, and that specialisation does allow for expertise of mouth expressions.

Hypnotic Paintings of Water by Eric Zener

Eric Zener: title unknown [portrait of mouth bubbles underwater]; oils on canvas. "Hypnotic Paintings of Water by Eric Zener.

After the rain by AquaSixio  A lot to look at in this picture.

Between Surreal and Fantasy by Cyril Rolando, digital painting. This was selected for the blend of landscape and figure. I wish that the eye had been mixed into the hill as effectively as the rest as it doesn't conform to the apparent theme.