Ideas for my Glasto wall

Today we are talking about DIY Photo Display Wall Art Ideas as a means of exhibiting our past for everyone to see it.

Fancy performing at Glastonbury 2014? of course you do! Glastonbury organisers are giving you the chance to perform at the UK's largest music festival as part of the Emerging Talent Competition.

concerts are my favorite thing ever! I don't even care who's playing just stick me in a crowd of people singing along with the band and I'm a happy girl:)

Cute way to deal with all the sports tickets that are accumulating in our house, which Ben refuses to dispose of!

Black "Cheers" Cork Box

Cute idea for saving tickets from movies, sports events, concerts, etc. Secret tip about me, I've been saving my movie stubs since I was a girl

Glastonbury 2014

Glastonbury 2014 - dod Magazine

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