the next step

Victoria Baldeserra, Brittany Raymond and Minnie Mouse at Disney

Alexandra Beaton as Emily on "The Next Step" love u

Alexandra Beaton as Emily on "The Next Step" (Step Dance Beautiful)

the next step

he's just so sweet and he's the best boy dancer and i'd say and michelle's the best girl dancer !

James, he's so funny!

Hey I'm Jake! I'm 17 and I dance for the ALDC senior team! McKenzie, Alexis and Emily are like family! There's only 1 girl in my life. I don't really want a girlfriend. My only girlfriend is dance! Kendall is my younger sister!

The Next Step at the beach!

Season 1 episode 5 Riley,Michelle,James,West, Eldon and Daniel at the beach

The Next Step: Jiley!! <3

The Next Step: Jiley! i love you guys and i hope that i'm gonna meet you one day! this is my dream!

The next step cast

The next step Back row chloe Stephanie Amanda west Giselle middle row James Michelle Eldon Thalia emily front row Daniel Tiffany Riley and hunter