Golfer cake with scenic surround and sand bank

Jim& Gof Cake 8 inch cake, cream cheese frosting and fondant accents. Inspired by the many golf cakes here on CC.

Golfer cake

I decided to give this cake a comic twist with the golfer trying to blow his ball in to the hole , I hand made all the decoration for this cake and was well pleased with the golf bag and the golfer …. I added golf balls all around the cake to.

Noah's Ark Cake by Susie 99, via Flickr

Noah's Ark cake for Noah. I'm rather pleased with how it turned out as I wasn't relishing making lots of little animals!

Mj Tabush Sweet Designs: Golfer Cake Topper

I have a birthday version of this golfer cake topper , and a bride asked me if I could modify it for her future husband.

Number 70 Golf Cake

Small Number 70 shaped cake with a golf course theme. Modelled golfer with sand bunker and hole with little golf ball and bottles of booze scattered on cake. Feeds 30 people Price based on vanilla sponge