Superhero writing area

Classroom Environment Superhero capes on back of chair ( Great Idea for the first row of seating for program attendance)

Superhero Craft activity for a playdate or party. We had some basic shapes and the kids created their unique and wonderful superhero masks. Great fun and the kids *super* happy! (Templates included in post)

Superhero Masks (+ Template) - Party Activity

At our superhero party the kids made their own masks. I love how with the same "basic shapes" they all created such different masks! (free template provided) Use for lucadora mask.

Laser beam superhero challenge. Can you go under and over the laser beams and save the teddy from the baddies?

Part of the ideal outdoor classroom.spatial skills, personal negotiations, physical control, hand eye coordination, understanding of connections for the many possibilities!

Explore properties of materials and make a Superhero cape #Science #ScienceforKids

What's the best material for a Superhero cape?

Superhero Number Matching 1-20

Freebie: In this activity students will match the number cards to the card with the correct number of masks. (Print on card stock.

Superheroes (copyright-katherine-marie-1313) (",)

… “Adults need children in their lives to listen to and care for, to keep their imagination fresh and their hearts young.” Margaret Mead … “We superhero…