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Nursery profile: Halecat herbaceous perennials Andy: I first met Tom Attwood on twitter. Tom often cheers up my Sunday morning with a tweet about one of his favourite plants, something in his garden which looks particularly good and has caught his eye. We both like to go out and share...

Halecat Nursery is run buy Abi and Tom Attwood. here Andy McIndoe Interview Tom to find out what drive his to set up and run his own horticultural business.

How to photograph Bonfire Night | MyPhotoSchool Blog

Looking to photograph bonfire night? Here are some top tips on how to photography fireworks and get some stunning images in the process.

My New Adventure In Gardening When you work for a company for 37 years it becomes a way of life. I think that’s especially true in family businesses, and even more so in the horticultural world. You take root, you thrive and grow, and then maybe things slow you down...

MyGardenSchool's Andy McIndoe announces he is hanging up his Hillier nurseries hat after 37 years, but is excited about new prospects and opportunities.

An Interview with Natural Beekeeper Phil Chandler Andy: Phil Chandler is MyGardenSchool’s bee keeping tutor. His course, Natural Beekeeping for Gardeners, focuses on keeping bees for their own sake and fosters a greater understanding of these remarkable creatures upon whom man is so dependent. Phil shares just a little of...

In this article natural beekeeper Phil chandler shares just a little of his passion for bees and stresses their importance.

The Origin Of The Allotment For those with small gardens, or no garden at all, an allotment or community garden offers the opportunity to grow and harvest vegetables and flowers for domestic use. At one time allotments were occupied by serious, experienced, competitive gardeners but now people of all ages,...

For those with small gardens, or no garden at all, an allotment or community garden offers the opportunity to grow and harvest vegetables and flowers for domestic use

4 Rigger gloves

How to Choose The Best Gardening Gloves

If you go to one exhibition this year… Photography exhibitions are ten a penny in many towns or cities these days, and it takes a lot to get us really excited. I’m really looking forward to seeing the new Julia Margaret Cameron exhibition at the Science Museum in London, however, which runs until the 28th of March. The exhibition, called Influence and Intimacy, marks the 200th anniversary of Cameron’s birth, and is drawn entirely from the world-class National Photography Collection....

28 November 2015 - 21 February To mark the bicentenary of the birth of Julia Margaret Cameron - one of the most important and experimental photographers of the century, the V&A presented over 100 of her photographs from the Museum’s collection.

8 This is after transformation

Is your garden a blank canvas?

Sony A7R II: Compact System Camera of the Year? | MyPhotoSchool Blog

Sony the Japanese electronics major unveils first full frame mirrorless camera in its α-series named Sony Alpha 7 II with striking features that the company claims will redefine your photography experience

Entry in the seventh International Garden Photographer of the Year competiton 2013. May be reproduced only with the permission of the organisers - contact

This photo of a garden prairie won the first prize of the International Garden Photographer of the year in the category "The beauty of Plants" organized by