I remember this.

Pop Open Address/Phone Number Book-remember parents and grandparents having this

Woolworths photo booth...How many can you fit in a picture.

Woolworths photo booth - these were on the street of the town where I lived and we got some really unique pictures form them

Fame- der Weg zum Ruhm 1982-1987

In pictures: 25 TV shows that defined the 1980s

"You got big dreams, you want fame. Well fame costs and right here is where you start paying, in sweat!" Fame Original TV Show Theme


OMG I remember using this stuff on my very dark brown hair thinking It would make me blond.instead I turned a horrid ginger colour and it ruined my hair awful stuff



So……how many of you can remember the View-Master? I can’t because it was before my time. I remember being a little girl and quite fascinated by the view-master. I could travel the world sitting on the sofa and not having.

Loved pressing the little button that shot the till out :) hours of fun playing shops

Loved pressing the little button that shot the drawer out of the till :) hours of fun playing shops

1970s roller skates .. we all had a pair of these in our road!

1970's Collectable / Antique Children's Roller Skates

Partington - we played on the square at the bottom of the road all summer and when the sun shone we would roller skate to school.

Waiting for the pips.

A magic telephone number! To enter inside the ministry of magic through the visitor's entrance, Arthur Weasley enters the numbers 62442 inside the telephone cabin. On a typical telephone cabin the letters under the numbers make the word "Magic"!

Animal magic

Animal Magic with Johnny Morris. Totally Unique - one of a kind. He invented the voice over / talking animals genre surely?

Anne French deep cleansing milk, oh I thought I was so grown up using this! The lid was darker blue though.

anne french deep cleansing milk - remember cleansing my face with this the night before my wedding!

Vintage tin money box

Vintage tin money box - I remember these, forever losing the key but loved it. Didnt these used to come with toffees inside?