I would love to add this to our outdoor area. Its a mud kitchen. The children love to play in the mud and this is a great place for them to do so but in a more controlled setting.

Top 20 of Mud Kitchen Ideas for Kids

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Dinosaur Tuff Spot and small world using autumn leaves Adventures of Adam Dinosaur Tuff Spot

Dinosaur Tuff Spot

Adam& love of all things dinosaur continues but we are missing a Dinosaur Tuff Spot (that doesn& include painting). So we created a Dinosaur Tuff Spot

Tyres used as boundary line and small world.

each individual tire can put different things in there, like plan flowers, digging area, mini sand box.

Transport tuff tray

Transport tuff tray-use rice

Seaside in a tray. I tipped sand to one side, the children did the rest.

Seaside beach in a tray.

I need to find a local market for these tuff spot trays! | Tweeting Teachers | Rock My Classroom

I need to find a local market for these tuff spot trays!

Dinosaur tuff spot

Dinosaur tuff spot


Construction Adventures…


Construction site small world

Construction site small world