haha// dirty minded//

Dirty Minds they celrtainly make life interesting. Can't help but think of my Grandma Betty when I read this! You dirty bird!


i've been told "wisdom comes with age". i truly believe this, "age is no guarantee of maturity." Amen to that!

Bicycle flower vendor Very colorful load that this man is carrying. The busy streets are great places to see what can be loaded on a small bike.

we do second chances.  we do loud really well.

Checkered Wicker Stacking Chair, Set of 2

"In this house, we do second chances. We do grace. We do I'm sorry's. We do mistakes. We do loud really well. We do hugs. We do family. We do love.

one of many.around the world.of the famous "Bird house Tree's".i wanted to pin this.for one reason.the display of color.never 2 colors side by side.and a facinating display.also working birdhouse's.