I want a mini meadow! This looks like a gorgeous seed mat wild flower mix.

Seed Mat Wild Flower Mix - so pretty! Easiest way to create a border of wild flowers With the 'Wildflowers Mix' you can create a wild flower meadow in your garden.

Dahlia garden

Dahlia Garden - Floral Ombre - Multi - DIGITAL PRINT how happy r these colors wow this would be good in a wheel barrow also


deep purple ranunculus - gorgeous colors, and their shape is so spectacular!

Nigella 'Love in a Mist'

Love-in-a-mist Nigella damascena 'Albion Green Pod' - pure white flowers with a prominent boss of stamens framed by a collar of wispy foliage, creating a beautiful, ethereal effect. As the flowers fade, fantastic green seedpods develop.

Harlow Carr. The medium-sized blooms are of purest rose pink. The flowers begin as delightful, little cups, developing into cupped rosettes of perfect Old Rose formation, with a button eye at the centre. It is one of our most strongly scented varieties with a classic Old Rose fragrance.

Pink "Harlow Carr" rose by David Austin. With lavender. A fragrant combination!

old english rose- beautiful!

Ordered/planted this "Old English Rose" appx 15 yrs ago.next to the garage/water faucet. Smells wonderful but only holds bloom for a few days. It must love the outdoor faucet water. 'William Morris' David Austin Old English Rose blooms every year:)