How to grow cucumbers in shapes -- hearts, starts, etc. This just knocked me OUT! :D

Apparently there is something called a Japanese Cucumber Mold that you fit over a young cucumber. As it grows it fills into the mold and take it's shape! How fun would it be to have heart or star-shaped cucumbers in your salad?

Fruit Roll-Ups Fortune Cookie Valentines

It seems like a crazy mash-up, but Fruit Roll-Ups fortune cookies are perfect for Valentine's Day

Fruit Roll-Up Fortune Cookies special note in kids lunches or Valentines Day; Because I hate regular fortune cookies, but I love fruit roll ups!

i read a blog once that had these little hearts in a basket under a christmas tree. when the kids did something nice for one another they could take a heart ornament out of the basket and hang it on the tree. wish i remembered that blog.

Purl Bee :: DIY felt valentine pin - I made one in 15 minutes and that was taking my time. Easy, fun and looked great. Works with acrylic felt too, although might not look as polished. These could be neat on a baby mobile or a garland.

10 Easy Homemade Valentine’s Ideas - Free Printable Fortune Cookie DIY Valentine’s

10 Easy Homemade Valentine's Ideas

Easy Valentine's Day Recipes for Kids - Rice Krispie Treats

Easy Valentine's Day Recipes for Kids - Rice Krispie Treats

Fun Valentine's Day food your kids will love: Sweet heart Rice Krispie and marshmallow treats from Spoonful

Buttons in interior – decoration ideas

Image detail for -valentine crafts: crochet heart, buttons heart pillow for valentine .


Hearts e. cummings has always been one of my favorite poets.

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