15 Outdoor Recipes for Play - awesome summer activities to do outside!

Outdoor Recipes for Play

15 Outdoor Recipes for Play - awesome summeractivities to do outside!

Celery fish

Celery Stamp - Rainbow Fish Craft Using Celery as a Stamp

Invitation to paint with kitchen utensils. Fun painting activity for all ages.

Painting with kitchen utensils

Demonstrate creative expression through the visual art process (use simple art materials). Demonstrate development of fine and gross motor coordination (refine grasp to manipulate tools and objects).

Love this sign... how often do you play with mud? Let's go get dirty!

'mud cafe' sign for a mud pie kitchen

Serenity You: 10 Kids Fall Crafts love this leaf art project diy for children! Super cute!! Autumn fun!

10 Kids Fall Crafts

hedgehog fall leaf craft - I did this with my son's class and it was a total hit. I'd recommend using leaves that aren't brown yet, as the brown leaves are more brittle and hard for kids it work with.

style carrot: Beautiful threaded 'Peace Beads' - a...

style carrot: Beautiful threaded 'Peace Beads' - a lovely way to display threading Emilia

An invitation to mix as many variations of green as they would like. art and soul preschool

art and soul preschool: Color Mixing Project

Maths provision in my reception classroom

Maths provision in my reception classroom love the bnting

A weird outside activity the kids would like-seems kinda pointless to me but I bet they think it's fun. Leaf totems.

Review – Land Art for Kids: In the Woods

Richard Shilling on Land Art for Kids what a great idea for outside leaf/nature sculptures. make sure to watch an andy goldsworthy documentary too! Should you appreciate arts and crafts you really will really like this site!

Use fallen leaves found outside to make leaf animal art! Take your kids on a nature walk and then use your findings to make DIY art!

Leaf Animal Fall Crafts for Kids to Make! (Find foxes, owls, birds, and elephants) - CraftyMorning

fun winter activity for toddlers art paint. I have tried this activity with my kids, they had so much fun with it.

If we ever get snow.Fill a bin with snow and bring it indoors. Add colored water and paint brushes for a super fun art activity- what a great idea! {Lots of other ways to play with snow indoors here, too}

Chalk Portraits - this could be good outdoor fun with younger students

Chalk Portraits - ooh, next time we go outside with chalk!

SPRING FLOWER SENSORY BOTTLES - Babies and toddlers will love this educational activity that explores the natural world and brings the outside inside!

Spring Flower Sensory Bottle

A simple and sweet spring sensory bottle! This flower discovery bottle is a great addition to any flower unit!

Children´s outdoor chemistry lab!

For the final playhouse

I'm a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!: outdoor Math

Information or Data Handling Activities Outdoors — Creative STAR Learning