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Milton Glaser designs It's Not Warming, It's Dying campaign to tackle climate change.

Its Not Warming by Milton Glaser "Glaser's It's Not Warming, It's Dying campaign aims to create a greater sense of urgency around climate change, moving away from benign language like "global warming".

Milton Glaser Show, The Magazine of the Arts September, 1963

poster for Overlook Press, early When I started the Animalarium a little over four years ago, one of my first posts was dedi.

Milton Glaser

The Mask, 1984 - "I took a scrap of variegated paper and poked my hand through it to create this curious face that served as an announcement for a show of my work at the Cooper Union.

Milton Glaser, Asylum Records. Again, another simplistic but powerful piece by Milton Glaser. I like this piece because it relates to the shapes workshop we did on Photoshop, he kept the colours minimal and the shapes simple which makes it a powerful piece, and again, the font is so simple and modern, and it creates unity with the logo shape.

Milton Glaser, Asylum Records Made solely of geometric shapes the piece shows Bauhaus influences. Is also very clean design like those of the Bauhaus movement