Michael Craig-Martin

Michael Craig-Martin - this looks like it was made with wire. i like this piece because it is unrealistic and artificial, its like a 'modelled' hammer with ought the hammer


craig-martin_installation - Michael Craig-Martin’s Wall Paintings Transform Everyday Objects Into The Extraordinary

Michael Craig Martin's modern approach to still life genre.

Michael Craig-Martin - Eye of the Storm 2003 (Arrangements question) I'll put these bright colours on my windows and doorways pictures which i have layered like this picture has been layered with different objects.

Michael Craig-Martin, GO

Creative spirit of the Games: Olympics 2012 posters – in pictures

The one actually reads "London" to me. "GO" by Michael Craig-Martin London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Posters

"Intimate Relations: Handcuffs" | Michael Craig Martin (2001)

Available for sale from Alan Cristea Gallery, Michael Craig-Martin, Intimate Relations: Handcuffs Screenprint, 120 × 99 cm

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