Cheese & Carrot "Coins" made with mini cookie cutters. Great for snacks and lunchboxes. Also use for cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, toast, or whatever taste combo's your children like. Ask them what would taste good together and then get creative. This is a great way to get kids interested in eating more fruits and veg's, especially when they are "playing with food" while making it themselves.

September Home Party - "Teddy Bear Day": Cheese & Carrot Coins - a great way to get our kids eat veggies

Construction Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas- THE place for ALL things PARTY

Wrecking Balls (gumballs) pipes (licorice) Drill bits () Beams (cow tails) pebbles (jelly beans) boulders, wet paint - adorable food ideas for construction party!

fun food activity for preschool kids making silly vegetable faces and watermelon fruit pops | The Decorated Cookie

fun food for kids: vegetable faces and watermelon fruit pops

For the fruit pops, sliced honeydew, watermelon and cantaloupe, a bunch of cookie cutters (smaller is better) and lollipop sticks and let kids cut out their desired shapes and make pops.

Kids party food. Little dip cups with sliced veggies. (Herbivore cups for a dinosaur party)

Dinosaur Party

Dinosaur Herbivore Cups aka Hummus dip in mini plastic shot-glass with vegetable sticks - YUM!

So cute! Snack grape caterpillar lets you discover new snacks from all over the world!

So cute! Snack grape caterpillar lets you discover new snacks from all over the world!

Grape caterpillars- fun & healthy snack kids love! really cute to do when reading a class the hungry catepillar

Grape and Tomato Caterpillars, Very Hungry Caterpillars

Very Hungry Caterpillar Fun grape and tomato caterpillar snack - great for BBQ's and picnics as the weather warms up My niece Courtney always makes to like animals out of food when she stays here.

Pizza Popsicles, From the top 20 kids party food ideas | Mouths of Mums

Hawaiian pizza pops recipe- Roll up, roll up! Come and get our cheesy pizza wheels on sticks!

fruit skewers! My mom has been making these my whole life but I like the idea of throwing in some kiwi!:3 -Jessica

For scouty's rainbow party. birthday party ideas Three cheers for HEALTHY rainbow party food ideas :)