Shaving foam and powder paint mixing and mark making

Shaving foam and powder paint mixing and mark making. This is another good example of AFFINITY SPACE and it has all the facets of triggering curiosity- Empowering Pedagogy for Early Childhood Educators

Numicon & aqua beads on

Use aqua beads with numicon shapes. Fish out a shape, then fill it in with beads, counting out loud!

Build a house

Construction EPA // define work area // story // Build a house for the pigs on the Finger Gym.


Our favourite phonic activity that can be adapted to practise anything and everything! Chalk your words on the ground, hand out a wet brush, call out a word and watch them wash it away!

Continuous Provision: Sand and Water

Continuous Provision chart for Sand and Water area, including key learning objectives, resources and vocabulary. Based on 2012 ELGs.