Phonics activity using sorting baskets

Sorting Baskets Phonics Activity

Phonics 1 Phonics/Alphabet Baskets Sorting Activity (from The Imagination Tree) Make baskets with objects that sound like a specific letter. Give the students a basket and let them practice their phonics skills by naming the objects.

Do it with Math

Check out 'Fun Phonics' to see Bouncy Blending in action and check out their other ideas while you're there!

Numicon baking - this would be great to teach sharing of numbers...

Activity that could introduce Numicon, cross- curricular, ordering, counting, familiarising with Numicon pieces. It also spports the development of fine motor skills

Matching letters with the base to make words. Great for phonics!

An interactive activity which involves students choose individual blocks with single letters on to build a word which is spelt out on a singular block. Great for practising phonics with younger pupils.


Kindergartners add the two sides of a domino and then put it on the matching plywood square. GREAT for seeing all of the combinations to twelve!

Tap it numicon - tap pins into the holes or place paper over the numicon and rub over wax crayon to make an I print

Laminated numicon, with adult made hole. Then used with tap a shape stuff


Our favourite phonic activity that can be adapted to practise anything and everything! Chalk your words on the ground, hand out a wet brush, call out a word and watch them wash it away!

Pick out a lolly stick and see who has the highest number. EYFS

BC Curriculum Kindergarten Math Pick out a lolly stick and see who has the highest number.