Fine motor sewing

Learning basic sewing with a polystyrene plate, yarn, + plastic needle. I remember doing this with craft mesh when I was a kid and then graduating to sewing buttons by hand onto little pillows and pockets.

Reading Street Word Work-Say It, Build it, Write It!

Say it, build it, write it sight word activity with Dollar Store cookie sheets. Good for learning names and sight words.

My reading area for Reception

Classroom Decor (reading corner) **instead of a circus theme it could be a rain cloud with streamers of rain drops**

Numicon in Playdough on

Numicon in Playdough links fine motor skills with the familiarisation of Numicon shapes

Number snakes from Rachel (",)

Snakes, Worms & Bugs

A few activities related to snakes, worms & bugs in the early years classroom from Rachel (",)

Junk modelling, clever little idea for storing the tape. Would love to make a smaller version for the table. EYFS

Sticky tape Could just be one of the greatest ideas ever! No more broken tape dispensers! Just be! Early Childhood Education: inspirations for life.

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