DIY Outdoor #Games - lots of GREAT ideas here - all great for #summer #learning FUN!

DIY Outdoor Games — 15 Awesome Project Ideas for Backyard Fun! this would so work for an outside birthday party games

carnival - so colourful and uplifting, let people interact with each other as its a celebration!

Lemonade Bar for the carnival. All types of Lemonades in Jars Strawberry Lemonade Berry Lemonade (Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries) Kiwi Lemonade Regular Lemonade Pink Lemonade {All can be flavored with syrup and fresh fruit}

We are holding a summer fete in July, including, yes you guessed it.... fishing for ducks. Wheelchair friendly!

We are holding a summer fete in July, including, yes you guessed it. fishing for ducks.

Rosies Rainbow Fund Summer Fair, July 22nd at Redroofs Theatre School Maidenhead

Rosies Rainbow Fund Summer Fair, July at Manava Bharti School, Mussoorie

1930's illustration of the country fair, from the V&A collection

Vintage Fairground poster showing Punch & Judy and Carousel 'Heigh-Ho Come to the Fair!

Summer Fair - Madeley High School

collage ideas using the themes of each, murale, circus and the friendship chain.

Wellie wanging. This English invention sees participants hurling their waterproof Wellington boots as far as possible, directly from their feet, impossible to do with grace. The sport is freestyle, whether your wanging technique is one-handed, two-handed or between the legs. Learn more about wellie wanging & its origins in the village of Upperthong here – this is also where you’re most likely to find some fellow wangers.

Not the Olympic Games: 5 odd sports in Great Britain