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an oil painting of the night sky with clouds and trees in the foreground, on a dark blue background
Nocturne by Paliotto
an image of a night scene with the moon in the sky and trees reflected in the water
Crashingly Beautiful
Kawase Hasui, (Japanese, 1883 - 1957), Night Rain At Omiya, 1930, Woodblock print; ink and color on paper.
an image of a green light in the dark night sky with trees and water behind it
Dive into anything
a painting of trees and water at night
tiziana campodoni  on X
"@tizianacampodon: Chiaro di luna a Bruges,1910,Charles Warren #Eaton "L'uomo teme gli Iddii ch'egli stesso creò" ᆢ "
an image of a painting with trees and moon in the night time sky above water
☼ Painterly Landscape Escape ☼ landscape painting by Charles Guilloux
a black cat sitting on top of a window sill in front of a building
кошки на (у) окошке...
a painting of a snowy path leading to a building in the distance with lights on
Но если на дороге куст
an oil painting of people on the beach at night
Painting by Brian Blood.
a painting of a house in the woods at night
At the summer house in twilight, c.1895 - Isaac Levitan -
Isaac Levitan, At the summer house in twilight, 1895
a painting of some buildings and trees at night
Journal of a Nobody
George Clausen (British, 1852-1944), In the Small Hours, 1911. Oil on canvas, 63.4 x 76.2 mm. Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland.
a painting of some buildings at night with the moon in the sky over them and trees
‡sir george clausen r.a. (1852-1944) summer night | Woolley and Wallis
‡SIR GEORGE CLAUSEN R.A. (1852-1944) Summer Night, St John's Wood