Read directions and learn how to make easy DIY projects for beautiful garden accents.

Easy DIY projects for beautiful garden accents

vertical garden sleepers

Top 28 Surprisingly Awesome Garden Bed Edging Ideas

Railway Sleepers Positioned Vertically Constructing a Beautiful Edge For a Raised DIY Garden Bed Edging Ideas Ready to Emphasize Your Greenery

Lee's imaginative railway sleepers

Upright railway sleeper garden bed For 1810 retainer walls on sides? Could easily make it taper to ground slope.

Mossy Shrine. Reminds me of the fireplace in the park. I need to add a photo of that, maybe w/ moon & candles

garden altar, perfect for a mary garden! I have a headboard that would make a good background!

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Peryton, the Peryton is a fictional animal combining the physical features of a stag and a bird.

Linlithgow Palace, Scotland photographed May This sculpture of a Peryton (winged deer) is a fountain detail which was built in the centre courtyard during King James V reign during 1513 - Photo by Amy Louise Hooton.