Famous Photographs

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W. Eugene Smith

Eugene Smith's picture of a Marine drinking from a canteen during Battle of Saipan. Postal Service released a Masters of American Photography series of commemorative stamps in 2002 this image was chosen as representative of his body of work.

Ansel Adams

Los misteriosos negativos de Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams' Jeffrey Pine at Sentinel Dome, Yosemite. Sadly the tree did not survive the drought of 1976 and its remains stood in place until

Margaret Bourke-White

Louisville Flood Victims ● African-American flood victims line up to get food and clothing from a Red Cross relief station in front of billboard ironically extolling The American Way in January (Margaret Bourke-White/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Gandhi at the Spinning Wheel - Margaret Bourke-White

Gandhi at the Spinning Wheel

LIFE Magazine

Yes, funny pictures existed before Photoshop was around! For years the famous American magazine “Life” was publishing humorous photos sent by their readers.