Klaus Rinke: BODEN, WAND, ECKE, RAUM, 1970 © Georges Meguerditchian – Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI (diffusion RMN) © Klaus Rinke Via: Centre Pompidou (http://www.centrepompidou.fr/)

Klaus Rinke: Time, Space, Body, Transformations

Klaus Rinke: BODEN, WAND, ECKE, RAUM, Why is space so important in photograph?

Franz Erhard Walther - Werkmonographie

A fixed image of one another - Andri and his father Franz Erhard Walther - Werkmonographie

Taking photos of a journey when going somewhere. Getting ready, leaving the house, on the train at east Croydon, at station of the place where I am going, at some places, and then journey back(?)

Francis Alÿs: Paradox of Praxis 1 (sometimes doing something leads to nothing)

VALIE EXPORT - Triangle Cross

Body Configuration Dreieck Kreuz, Édition unique, tirage de 2001 Black-and-white photograph 47 ¼ × 71 ¼ in. Unique, printed 2001 Courtesy Wien Charim and the artist

Francis Alÿs, Patriotic Tales, 1997

shihlun: “ Francis Alÿs Patriotic Tales, 1997 “ In Patriotic Tales Francis Alÿs led a flock of sheep into the Zócalo, the central square of Mexico City, in reference to the bureaucrats who authored the suppression of a protest there in.

VALIE-EXPORT-Koerperkonfiguration-posture, gesture, form - the body reacts to the built environment in a completely different way than the one implied by the urban design

Adaptation, Assimilation, Imposition: Body Configurations by VALIE...

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