air raid shelter

Anderson Shelter at the bottom of the garden - the family carries a gas mask each.


Children in Kentish Town, London are ecacuated to the countryside in like the children Polly works with at Lady Caroline's mansion.


World War 2: Thousands of children sent to safety

gas mask

Mother and baby wearing gas masks during gas preparations test during WWII. (Photo by Hans Wild/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

fake target inflatable tanks

An inflatable dummy tank, modeled after the Sherman. One of the many dummies used to fool the enemy.

air raid shelter   Morrison shelter

This indoor shelter was called a Morrison Shelter and could sleep a number of people during an air raid. When not in use the sides of this contraption could be removed and it could be used as a table

air raid shelter  underground

The London Underground in Wartime An air-raid warden check on children sleeping in hammocks strung between the rail lines at an undisclosed underground station Picture: REX FEATURES


Radar enabled Land bases to detect enemy aircraft as well as other aircraft to detect each other. Radar is often called the weapon that won the war.