Nocturne: Woodland - Kostadina Nacheva  Have a look at how the artist has separated colour using a pallet knife. When working on a large scale, this is an essential skill to master.

Nocturne: Woodland - Original Oil Painting in deep blues and fresh summery greens (37.5x21.5 cm - app. 14.8x8.5 in)

Yr 10: What an interesting perspective on the city. Could you take a picture like that to work from?

Illustrations by Moebius (Jean Giraud) Moebius collaborating with Alejandro Jodorowsky on their first comic together, Les Yeux du Chat (The Eyes of.

London - Petticoat Lane from Middlesex Street Estate by Lucinda Rogers  Yr 10: great use of Indian Ink to get a sense of the city!

lucinda rogers drawing ink watercolour petticoat lane spitalfields london east end street scene life cityscape pay day market sellers