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Love this Easter cake!

Bunny Basket Cake

How generous and pretty are these Easter bunny butt cakes .They look colorful and festival and will brighten up your table at the Easter party .

Papier Mache Easter Eggs

How to make papier-mache Easter eggs. Cute craft project for kids to play with.

Good idea for Easter Sunday Decorations

My mom used to make these! DIY Easter Egg Garland wrap a balloon with string, roll it around in the liquid starch. After you have soaked the balloon put the balloon on a cup and let it dry overnight. Pop the balloon and you have your egg


Bunny Butt Cake

Chocolate Bunny Butt Cake ~ Is this funny bunny digging in the dirt and raiding the garden of carrots? Hop to it and make this all chocolate bunny butt cake recipe before he gets away!

Easter Peep Arrangement , I also wanted to show you a solution that worked for me! I saw this new weight loss product on CNN and I have lost 26 pounds so far. Check it out here

Easter Peep Arrangement~ Layer jelly beans, peeps for that holiday and and then a smaller vase with water for the flowers, set right inside the top of the large vase. Now you have a great holiday centerpiece. This is beautiful!


Raw eggs wrapped in old silk ties, secured with thread, then boiled for 15 minutes.

Fun winter idea - Fill balloons with water and add food coloring, once frozen cut the balloons off & they look like giant marbles.

ice ballons

*Colored ice balls* Fill balloons with water and add food coloring (be careful not to let the food coloring escape!), once frozen cut the balloons off and voila! Look like giant marbles :) best winter decor ever. also, use them in the summer time

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