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somniatisart: “ Ocean pages ” More

somniatisart: Ocean pages THis gae me an idea: magazine clipping on one page, artwork on the next - Tap the LINK now to see all our amazing accessories, that we have found for a fraction of the price

The battle of Van Gogh's ear: Artist didn't chop it off - Gauguin attacked him in brothel row over woman

All bandaged up: Painter Vincent Van Gogh never spoke about the cause of his missing ear, but it is claimed rival Paul Gauguin chopped it off outside a brothel

Resistance posters by Halley Gilmore #march #womensrights #equality

We love this timely tribute to General/Princess Leia Organa: Diplomat. Designed by Mississippi artist Hayley Gilmore and donated for people to use at the Women’s March on W…

Star Wars O filme “Star Wars: Episódio VII” está com o elenco praticamente definido, segundo informações do site Hit Fix. Com o início das gravações em maio ...

The original Star Wars movie is the one I remember best. After I watched a documentary about American mythologist Joseph Campbell and his view of cultural history, I understood the trilogy's universal appeal.