Madeline costume. Too cute!!

Babies in Madeline costumes. Um, Aston -- can the girls please be Madeline for Halloween?

I really need to find something like this for my nugget. I can't stand the cuteness.

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i've always wanted twins, but this picture makes me want twins just so i can take a picture like this...ha!

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is this not the most precious thing you've ever seen. look at the pure love and joy on those faces. this is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

D and that towel. Did you drink the Stay Young Forever with N?

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babycino. Stop. Too cute. This is what I will dress my sister as

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Some of the most awesome homemade Hallowe'en costumes I've seen.  This monster one is adorable!

Monsters Inc. Costume AWW so cute. James has always hated costumes. maybe Devin will let me dress him up for Halloween!

Love at first sight.

Funny pictures about Bear meets kid in bear costume. Oh, and cool pics about Bear meets kid in bear costume. Also, Bear meets kid in bear costume.

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Awww...Having a bad day? Look at this. There is no way you could walk away without a smile!

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