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I don't ship Destiel, but the pink bar is too funny not to pin

You mean to tell me that Destiel isn't canon at this point?

Bruce regrets having pushed the buttons. Looks like someone else is pushing his...

Well, just stomp all over my heart, why don't you. << Don't be sad, fluffles, we all love you.

Doctor Who- will you press the button?nobody understands what I talk about anyways

Doctor Who- will you press the button?I want a big red shiny button first


A sickening feeling blossomed in my stomach as I swallowed over a lump that just formed in my throat. I didn't want to find out what happened when I released the button, but I didn't want to stand there for another eternity.

#lgbt #tumblr

I may just be too young to care or Ace, I dunno. Still pressing it.

GIVEN IT TO ME NOW !!! I will just watch them and tell them I like them and problem solved

I know who pressed the button.*cough* Doctor *cough* --- when I see a big red button that should never ever be pushed under any circumstances.

*Breathing Intensifies* I about gave myself asthma.

Like hell I'm marrying Luke Castellan, young Tom Riddle, and Loki, watch me press the button, watch me fucking press it

DOES IT LOOK LIKE I CARE?!?!?! When I push that button, my life will have fulfilled its purpose!!!!

*slams button* THIS IS SPARTA! What if you ship more than one thing with the same person. Like Jamilton and Lams? <<< It all becomes cannon, via Alternate Timelines!

Dude! Supernatural! Of course there are so many bad guys but Luci and maybe Gabriel could fit i that category?

Press the button and marry Loki! And by Loki, I mean Tom Hiddleston!