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a woman laying on the floor in front of a red light with her arms crossed
a red light that is on top of a metal pole in front of a white wall
SAUNAPOD on Instagram: “Red and near infrared wavelengths deeply penetrate your body, activating a photo-biological response within your cells to decrease pain and…”
a naked man laying on top of a red bed in front of a laptop computer
SAUNAPOD on Instagram: “Red light therapy is a non invasive, zero touch treatment using specific wavelengths of light to help repair and restore. Red and near…”
a close up of a woman with red light on her face and hair in the background
SAUNAPOD on Instagram: “Melt away back tension with Red Light Therapy, otherwise known as photobiomodulation. Your cells absorb this healing light which sets off a…”
a man laying down in the dark with red light on his chest and arm behind him
SAUNAPOD on Instagram: “MUSCLE RECOVERY 🦾 It was great to have Nick @rebel_pilates in the studio this week. Nick has been training hard and after 20 minutes of…”