Please Mind The Gap: Late Evening Train Cut Out Train tickets on canvas 2011 5”x 4” SOLD

Please Mind The Gap: Late Evening Train Cut Out Train tickets on canvas 2011 SOLD Bethany Milam

Fictional Landscapes by Kyle Kirkpatrick #Diorama #Books #Landscape- reminds me Maya Lim's show at the DeYoung

Book art miniature lilliput world Fictional Landscapes by Kyle Kirkpatrick

desvre nature animals beautiful sunset


it ponderation: “ The Boss by Sven Broeckx ”. El valle a los pies del "Señor de las Cumbres"

nature rainbow - Andy Goldsworthy. My 9,999th pin. I usually save each 100th pin but I liked all the 9's.

ombre-leaves-fall-wedding - Once Wed

nature rainbow - Andy Goldsworthy~~ we can all do this. next Fall go outside and look for colorful leaves. have fun! That is ART.

Through drawing on train tickes I wanted to connect the offical documention with the regular people I see on my commute to college.

moving drawing so that each ticket with a different drawing can be videos so that its a short film of someones "journey".

Land Art - Nils Udo - Reunion island

Beauty is everywhere and it's found easily in the nature. The German artist Nils Udo , who uses nature as his canvas, has been creating som.

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‘Time’ by John Clang I chose this piece because I like that every subject has a different purpose, and it shows the viewer that every person has a particular journey. I also like how the artist has captured a large time scale into one picture.

“Time” by John Clang

"Time" by John Clang

Photographer John Clang captured all of the likely spots -- Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, Times Square, Chinatown -- in an unlikely way: The collages in TI

david hockney photo collage | David Hockney.

photojoiner-this image is special because it uses the shape of the landscape which creates an intriguing artwork

NY HIGHLINE PHOTOJOINER by Talilla Henchoz, via Behance Idea to use paint colour swatches

This is a Photo joiner of the New York Highline. I created this using about 50 images all from a single stationary position. My technique was inspired by artist, David Hockney.

Surrealist Collages Playing with Stereotypes – Fubiz Media

Surrealist Collages Playing with Stereotypes

The art of collage plays since a long time with clichés, stereotypes, diverting them in a humorous way. The Belgian artist Sammy Slabbinck creates digital works and others handmade, cunningly and c…