Beautiful study in green by Slovakian artist Zuzana Mezencevova

watercolour and black ink on paper, 2013 18 x 26 cm, Arches Hot Pressed, study in green by Slovakian artist Zuzana Mezencevova

N. C. Wyeth  “Still Life with Bowl, Onions and Bottle” Oil on canvas, Brandywine River Museum

“Still Life with Bowl, Onions and Bottle”, by American artist - N. Wyeth Oil on canvas, Brandywine River Museum

still life ideas - art equipment and tools

50+ Still life drawing ideas for Art students

A list of still life ideas for teachers and Art students. The collection includes old favourites, as well as more unusual still life drawing topics.

Pyramid of skulls - Paul Cezanne

Pyramid of Skulls Vintage Halloween Postcard - Pyramid of Skulls is a c. 1901 oil painting by French Post-Impressionist artist Paul Cézanne. It depicts four human skulls stacked in a pyramidal configuration. Sold at DP_Holidays on Zazzle.

Campden Gallery - Painters - Paul Wright - Months later and it was still the same

amazing artist painting fruits acrylic painting fruits oil painting fruits bowl still life painting fruits painting fruits decor

Nathan Ford - young talented brilliant painter.

Nathan Ford - oil on canvas - young talented brilliant painter.

Van Gogh's Chair 1889.  Vincent van Gogh.  In 2012 I went to Amsterdam and learned a lot about this troubled man and extraordinary artist. Turquoise background and yellow on top, really representative of so many of the paintings I saw there

Vincent van Gogh Painting, Oil on Canvas Arles: December, 1888 National Gallery London, United Kingdom, Europe F: JH: 1635 Image Only - Van Gogh: Vincent's Chair with His Pipe Van Gogh Gallery

Nathan Ford

Mesmerizing Paintings - Nathan Ford Nathan Ford is a UK-based artist who took a BA (Hons) degree in Fine Art at Byam Shaw School of Art. His work has been seen in solo exhibitions in Bath and group exhibitions including those of the Royal Society of.