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Naruto and Neji

Why do you go against your destiny so much?, because.I was called a loser., why would you go this far for me!, sacrificing your life., because.I was called a genius.

The same thing with vetrans but for some reson we still arent thanking them anof and they deserve more than being homeless :/

Poor kakashi had to suffer all that stuff but when he met Naruto his life kinda changed after that

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Jiraiya and Naruto. This is sweet but not necessarily true - he left Naruto when he was a baby, remember?<<< True but he didn't know what had happened to Naruto's parents and once he found him afterwords he never left him!

Team 7

My favorite things about this picture is Kakashi's face is revealed drinking sake instead of eating ramen Sasuke's finally involved in what Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi are doing.