Seed Cathedral by Thomas Heatherwick

“ It would be interesting to see this building in 1000 years. cjwho: “ ‘Seed Cathedral’ by Thomas Heatherwick functions as the UK’s pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai ” ”

Heatherwick Studio The Seed Cathedral "...You can track the daily movement of the sun and pick out the shadows of passing clouds and birds and, when you move around, the light moves with you, glowing most strongly from the hairs that point directly towards you. By night, light sources inside each rod illuminate not only the seed ends inside the structure, but the tips of the hairs outside it, covering the pavilion in tiny points of light that dance and tingle in the breeze. "

Thomas Heatherwick - Heatherwick Studio - Seed Cathedral -Shanghai Expo in 2010 - thousands of seeds collected by the Royal Botanical Gardens in these stunning transparent acrylic rods that glowed and moved with the elements.


Spun chair by Thomas Heatherwick

Spun chair by Thomas Heatherwick: British designer Thomas Heatherwick recently launched a chair shaped like a spinning top made of spun steel and copper.

Thomas Heatherwick - Longchamp Store.  An amazing designer who 'thinks out of the box'

This is cool. La Maison Unique, Heatherwick Studio, Soho, New York, Retail Interior

Bleigiessen - Thomas Heatherwick. Incredible sculpture at the Wellcome Trust.

Bleigiessen Installation, Wellcome Trust, London, UK by Heatherwick Studio

Thomas Heatherwick - Seed Cathedral

Thomas Heatherwick - UK Pavilion / seeds are embedded into the architecture of the pavilion; an incredible focus has been given to detail

London Design Festival – Thomas Heatherwick exhibition

HY William Chan looks into the Thomas Heatherwick exhibition at the 2012 London Design Festival.

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