there are several pieces of wood that have been cut down and placed in the ground
some white flowers are in black wire on a gray background and there is no image here to provide a caption for
Floral foam is everywhere: what are the alternatives?
nine tiles with pressed flowers on them in the shape of square tiles, all made out of white clay
Working with the seasons – trying to keep up
an open book with black and white photos on the cover is shown in three different positions
Christopher de Béthune – Invisible Waves / dienacht Publishing
several balls floating in the ocean on top of each other, with one ball above the water's surface
a pink flower is in the foreground, with blue sky in the back ground
Rinko Kawauchi - Biography, Shows, Articles & More | Artsy
a vase with some flowers in it on a table next to a plant that is growing out of the ground
Nicola Kloosterman Reimagines Traditional Ikebana - IGNANT
an abstract piece of art that looks like it is floating in the water
In Images: Artists Who Play With Their Food (Published 2018)
three pears sitting on a table with wine glasses and silverware next to them
several cement blocks with plants growing out of them in an art museum display area,
dana barnes references lichen life for endolith casts seating series