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It's the details that make a home your home. From cushions to home accessories, any left over fabrics are put to use in our zero waste homeware collection…
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Image 1: Navy check and pale blue recycled cotton ruffle cushion, on a pink background.
Image 2: A close up of one corner of the cushion on a white background.
Image 3: The same cushion lying on it's side on a white background. Zero, Navy, Cushion, Woven, Cotton, Fabric, Recycled Yarn, Comfy, Wool
Navy Tartan Ruffle Cushion | Elevate Your Home With This Modern Heritage Design In Beautiful Blues
The perfect piece to elevate your home 💙🩵 Nothing goes to waste at Saywood. This unique cushion is made from soft cotton cloth left over from our shirt production. Tap the link to find your perfect home cushion.
Image 1: Red check and lilac ruffle cushion, on a pink background.
Image 2: The same cushion lying on it's side on a white background. Bed Pillows, Lilac, Ruffle
Ruffle Edged Cushion | Red Tartan and Lilac | Comfy Unique Home Details
Our zero waste ruffle edge cushion promises to provide a cosy home setting with it's unique style and detailing. Cut in beautiful red check and soft lilac cotton, with a British Wool filler. Discover this beautiful cushion, click the link for more.
Image 1: Lilac and pink harlequin design cushion, patchworked, on a pink background.
Image 2: The same cushion lying on it's side on a white background. Patchwork Cushion, Lilac Color, Pink Cotton, Zero Waste, Natural Wool, 10 Days, Soft Pink, Unique Pieces, Home Accessories
Luxurious Patchwork Cushion | Elevate Your Home With Style | Pink Lilac Harlequin
It's those little touches that make a home a cosy home. Elevate your living room with our British wool filled Harlequin Style Patchwork Cushion in soft pink and lilac shades. To discover more for yourself, click the link.
Accessorise Your Home With Bright Modern Patchwork Cushions
Add colour to your living room with • modern patchwork • harlequin style cushion • bright pastel tones • comfy and cosy wool cushion filler • 100% British wool filled handmade cushions
Image 1: Red check and lilac sustainable Christmas tree decorations hang on dried flowers in a bright blue vintage vase, with a book in the background.
Image 2: Close up of one of the decorations on the dried flowers.
Image 3: Shows three of the same Christmas decorations on a pink background; decorations hang from a leafy green plant.
Image 4: 3 of the decorations on a white background Christmas Decorations, Sustainable Christmas Decorations, Eco Friendly Christmas, Miniature Christmas Trees, Zero Waste Christmas, Sustainable Decor, Handmade Christmas Decorations, Miniature Christmas, Christmas Tree Decorations
A Very Eco-Friendly Christmas | Sustainable Christmas Decorations 🎄
What to have a festive Christmas whilst caring for our planet?! These sustainable Christmas decorations are made from left over cotton fabric and zero waste. The perfect way to spread Christmas cheer 🎄 Click the link to discover these cute crimbo decorations ✨