Champers Marmite

Champers Marmite - There are two limited edition jars we don't have and this is one of them. The other is the Guinness one.

Unbranded Marmite

Famous brands, stripped to varying degrees of their logos and labels, are being showcased by Selfridges’ edgy concept store, the Quiet Shop, for the next month.

My collection is bigger ;) ❤️

We never had this at home, but now I've discovered it I'm addicted! time my lot tried it they thought it was jam & put a HUGE dollop on their toast! Now I'm not allowed to get it out if they're around!


Gold standard: Limited edition Marmite Gold which is blended with gold-coloured flecks

Marmite Classic Ceramic Storage Jar

Marmite Classic Ceramic Storage Jar

Time for marmite...

Time for marmite.

Love Marmite...

Love Marmite...