Artist - Paul Emsley Michael Simpson. Oil on canvas. 137.5 x 112 cm. Artist: Paul Emsley. Winner of the BP Portrait Award, the National Portrait Gallery's annual painting competition and exhibition in 2007.

Paul Emsley - Michael Simpson, oil on x 112 cm. The 2007 winner of the the National Portrait Gallery's BP Portrait Award,

by Nathan Ford - exhibited in the National Portrait gallery for BP Portrait Award 2011

‘Abi’ Nathan Ford 2011 Oil on canvas The BP Portrait Award is a great chance to see some exceptional pieces of artwork. The annual exhibition is held at the National Portrait Gallery (just around the.

BP Portrait Award

Every painting has a very deep meaning to every artist. Don’t be surprised if you some paintings that look like incomplete or in just hal…

INCREDIBLE portrait by London-based artist Alan Coulson of his friend 'Richie' for the BP Portrait Award 2012. He is largely self-taught. This came 3rd.

Richie Culver by Alan Coulson, Oil on wooden board, 85 x 59 cm, BP Portrait Award 2012 Third Prize

BP Portrait Award: Next Generation

i really like this picture as its very quirky but still has very realistic features

'The Skateboarder' by Erik Olsen

BP Portrait Award: in pictures

Twelve of the portraits selected for the BP Portrait Award exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.

Click to enlarge 'Paul Wright Portrait of Ian. Selected for BP Portrait Awards Exhibition 2006' by Archive Paul Wright

Paul Wright Ian Oil on canvas x Selected for the National Portrait Gallery (UK) BP Portrait Award Exhibition 2006