Winter Crafts for Kids: Creating Symmetrical Snowflakes~ Buggy and Buddy

Winter Crafts for Kids: Symmetrical Snowflake Craft

A bunch of things that you can make with cardboard.  There are some really cool things on this blog.

Cardboard traffic signs dramatic play outdoors for bikes bicycles stop sign street lights

Spelling tree

A spelling stick is a very neat concept I would love to use it with kindergarteners! This is a cool alternative to all the laminated letter pieces that you have to cut out for children to practice 3 letter words with.

Which books are you loving at the moment? Let us know! #eytalking #favechildrenslit Early Excellence (@EarlyExcellence) | Twitter

This looks like a story/reading area, and I like how they have different props for different stories. By using the stuff animals the children can act out what is going on in the book!

Aula d'1any.Llar d'infants "El Barrufet".Campdevànol.

If you prefer a wide variety of trees, both species and sizes, visit a specialty lot. There are numerous unique types of Christmas trees to pick from, each having a distinct style and texture

Adding a bowl to create a pond for the wildlife small world play in the sand.

Adding a bowl to create a pond for the wildlife small world play in the sand.

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