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the art of kintsugi learning the japanese craft of beautiful repair
The Art of Kintsugi: Learning the Japanese Craft of Beautiful Repair
Beauty in imperfection! Learn the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi and understand why, in the way of kintsugi artists, broken is better than new. This is your guide to putting the pieces back together to restore broken plates, vases, and other ceramics and glass items to be even better than before. You'll soon appreciate why kintsugi is the only Japanese art form that has taken a spiritual philosophy as its very purpose.
Need Inspirational Activities?
Need Inspirational Activities?
Need Inspirational Activities?
Stuck in quarantine? Check out our free download for inspirational coloring pages! "Sorry I am Social Distancing" is now a common phrase to most of us. These fun coloring sheets will be a great way to pass the time and give some creative inspiration to all. Feel free to share!
an open envelope with flowers and birds on the inside is next to a drawing book
Fauna & Woodland
A gorgeous pattern featuring floral and fauna motif! #momentaldesigns #kristyrice #hand-painted #weddinginvite #watercolor #bespoke #customdesigned #prettypaper #stationery
the cover of an article about cardboard crafting with images of various items and designs
Need a New Hobby?
This practical guide offers step-by-step instructions, actual-size patterns, and over 200 images and diagrams. Easy-to-follow instructions will have beginners and seasoned makers constructing boxes for tea and biscuits, Japanese trinket bowls, work baskets, and more. Creating an elegant box has never been easier!
The Intentional Thread
More than 350 color photographs translate the techniques of drawing, painting, and good composition into the world of stitch, and “Try This!” projects inspire your own individual approaches. Including the role of machine stitching, this design resource, learning tool, and inspirational reference helps practitioners at all levels, whether beginning student, dedicated amateur, or professional.
Welcome to Weaving 2: Techniques and Projects to Take You Further - $24.99 : Schiffer Publishing
With 400+ detailed photos, an easy tutorial helps you make your own loom that can be used to complete each project. Learn basic terms and skills for beginner weavers, such as warp and weft, and how to keep your sides straight. Sections on intermediate techniques and concepts, such as patterns and how to add embellishments, give you room to grow your skills. Weave 17 projects meant to inspire ongoing creativity, from simple practice tapestries to woven projects such as a necklace and (yes) a chan
three different colors of paint in a package
Discover your inner artist with this boxed set of 18 watercolors. The hues were hand-chosen to complement the line drawings of flowers, woodland, and patterns in the trio of Painterly Days coloring books by artist Kristy Rice. #watercolor #craft #art #paint #