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Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired glass, designed exclusively by
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Rennie Mackintosh fanlight window Etched Glass Windows, Scale Drawing, Leaded Glass Windows, Glazed Glass, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Rennie Mackintosh, Double Glazed Window, Stained Glass Designs, Windows Doors
Rennie Mackintosh Fanlight Window
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a glass door with an artistic design on it's side window, in the shape of a heart
Renni Mackintosh bevelled glass door
#charlesrenniemackintosh #mackintosh #bevelglass #bevelledglass Designed and made by This bespoke pattern can be drawn out to fit different sized panels. Ask your supplier if you're getting a genuine panel.
Rennie Mackintosh bevelled glass Front Door Door, Door Glass, Glass Front Door, The Lounge
Rennie Mackintosh front bevel glass front door.
#charlesrenniemackintosh #mackintosh #bevelglass #bevelledglass #northamptonshire - Rennie Mackintosh front door door glass panel designed to complement the lounge door that was designed& made 17yrs earlier
the inside of an umbrella that is white and has black metal bars on it, with a circular glass window in the center
Rennie Mackintosh bevelled glass rose.
#charlesrenniemackintosh #mackintosh #bevelglass #bevelledglass
a close up of a stained glass window with an abstract design on the bottom half
Rennie Mackintosh bevel glass rose window.
Bespoke designs by Tim @
the stairs lead up to a stained glass window on top of a stair casement
Rennie Mackintosh bevelled glass windows
#charlesrenniemackintosh #mackintosh #bevelglass #bevelledglass Our Rennie Mackintosh bevelled glass rose window pattern is very versatile and can be re-designed to fit different sized windows.
two glass doors with decorative designs on them
Rennie Mackintosh bevelled glass rose designed & made by
#charlesrenniemackintosh #mackintosh #bevelglass #bevelledglass While we fully appreciate the truth of the saying..."Imitation is sincerest form of flattery" we request that our would-be competitors will not "flatter us" by imitating or copying our designs.
a man wearing glasses standing in front of a stained glass wall with a sailboat on it
Tim @
Email - for a quote, include as much information as possible.
We design the glass only to fit your door frame. UK only سلالم حلزونية, Tor Design, Pintu Interior, Porte In Ferro, Entry Door Designs, House Main Door, Modern Entrance Door, Pelan Rumah, House Main Door Design
Charles Rennie Mackintosh Rose
#charlesrenniemackintosh #mackintosh #bevel glass #bevelled glass #bevelled glass #northamptonshire - This is our design using glass bevels to creative these wonderful patterns. We pride ourselves in the quality of each panel. Don’t advocate others offering cheap copies. For the UK market only and to fit into your door frame.
two abstract glass panels with black and white lines in the shape of hearts on them
Stained Glass Windows & Doors
Our Rennie Mackintosh bevelled glass rose pattern can be designed and made to fit different sized panels.
an abstract black and white photo with lines in the shape of circles on a gray background
#charlesrenniemackintosh #mackintosh #bevelglass #bevelledglass
a black and white photo of an abstract design
Stained Glass Windows & Doors
Rennie Mackintosh bevel glass rose designed & made by
a black and white photo of a circular object with lines on the surface in front of it
#charlesrenniemackintosh #mackintosh #bevelglass #bevelledglass Rennie Mackintosh bevelled glass rose designed & made by
a man sitting at a table writing on a piece of paper
Charles Rennie Mackintosh rose glass design
Tim at work on a bespoke bevelled glass Rennie Mackintosh panel using These bevel patterns have to be carefully worked out to fit each pane of glass.
a stained glass window with a rose on it
Charles Rennie Mackintosh glass rose window
#charlesrenniemackintosh #mackintosh #bevelglass #bevelledglass Rennie Mackintosh Rose design MDP-10. Often copied by others. We pride ourselves in design detail and finish. Don't accept and advocate inferior copies.