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Bad Pun Dog | WHY DO COWS HAVE HOOVES INSTEAD OF FEET? BECAUSE THEY LACTOSE | image tagged in memes,bad pun dog,cows | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Ok stop milking it ! Ps I wonder if any milk producing cows are lactose intolerant ? If any are, do the other cows call her a stupid cow ?

A true poet indeed

Why am I laughing so hard, because thus is sadly true when I talk to my crush.

Jac o' lyn Murphy More

Jac o' lyn Murphy: Fanta of the Opera - A Dramatic Halloween Beverage Bar

DIY Upcycled Halloween Village Luminaries

awesome DIY Upcycled Halloween Village Luminaries Craft - Oh So Savvy Mom

16 Disney Themed Cocktails You Will Want To Try

29 Disney Themed Cocktails You Will Want To Try - Interesting concept, could potentially do something with Nintendo characters on this same idea.(Need To Try Disney Cocktails)

Wizard of Oz Themed Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas: Love the cookies

Wizard Of Oz Themed Birthday Party

Dozen tit

I luuuuuuuvvvvvvv💕Jokes I am always looking for good and funny jokes💕Cause I'm a Southern Gal and Southern people luuuuuvvvvv a good laugh

Funny celebrity pun photo strip

I posted this whole thing for the Ron Swanson/swan ronson! Made me laugh way more than it should!

Your dad's not home and you need a dose of ridiculous but funny puns? Here you go

Ridiculous puns - World Peas

i love this because they almost drowned yet feel the need to make a pun out of it

Bring pun dog back! "Ayer me ahogo en la pileta - La experiencia fue impresionante" - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel!