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the great designers understand the value of negative space and how to use it to create drama

I can't wait to create something with a JD school desk.

This is an example of how negative space can be used in graphic design. The top of this design has buildings and at the bottom it has been converted to trees and deer and everything else is white.

Coexistence by Tang Yau Hoong. The art of negative space. An attempt to tell a story through illustration. Some seriously cool stuff here. I wonder if a tattoo like this could be possible?

Superhero Posters. It uses positive and negative space, as well as a couple words to explain how the super hero came to be. I like how creative and simple the designs are, and how the history and stereotype of the super hero are clear without too much detail.

I absolutely love these! It uses positive and negative space, as well as a couple words to explain how the super hero came to be.

Shigeo Fukuda BEst use of negative space. super cool

I'm totally having a capacity expansion right now. Like I feel like I grew an inch. I am going to have a job. a destiny. a graduation. a successful college career. a company who believes in me. but I already have a God who does it

The use of negative space to draw emphasis to the central feature.

Nice sketching technique by flag

Multiple cuts illustrating the use of positive and negative space

clever paper craft art cut out pictures contemporary white work

I like the use of negative space in this image to best convey the idea behind it. Not to mention it makes the text look interesting.

This is an example of a graphic design that uses negative space. Negative space is the space that surrounds an object inf an image. Negative space is also used to create balance to a composition.

I love the use of negative space in art.  I also love the natural design of trees and other things in nature.

Lorenzo Duran cut these amazingly intricate designs out of leaves. [via Design Boom] More: Amazing Cut Leaves Art HOW TO - Pressed Leaf Art Toilet Paper Roll Tree Cutout

I love this. I think this is really clever and could be used for multiple purposes

By using both positive and negative space, this image creates the illusion of rain falling from underneath an umbrella as well as a city at night.

Lalab and my hands together--sepia/black and white

Family photo idea: dad, mom and baby hands. Such a great idea for my sons family!