RIP Steve Jobs, 1955-2011

This is Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. This is an interesting look into the life of Steve Jobs and is an excellent read. Anyone interested in the history of great influences on technology should read this book. Jobs was a great businessman.

Steve Irwin

Funny pictures about Good guy Steve Irwin. Oh, and cool pics about Good guy Steve Irwin. Also, Good guy Steve Irwin.


Emotionally Expressive Sports Ads

Don’t dream of winning, Train for it. Words of wisdom right there the more you train the better you are. Don’t dream of winning, Train for it. Words of wisdom…

a beautiful idea.  happy MLK day.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. This man did so many good things for equal rights! He fought for what he thought was right! He changed America! I know most people over look this holiday, but I wanted to acknowledge this amazing man!

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger wearing The Joker makeup black and white portrait.he is the real movie genius, especially in The dark knight

robin williams

Robin Williams in a memorable performance as hilariously funny DJ Adrian Cronauer in, 'Good Morning Vietnam', 1987 - Robin will be missed!

Paul Newman

Paul Newman

Paul Newman died in his home in Westport, Connecticut yesterday (Friday, September from cancer. Paul Newman was one of the few people in this world who's


Don Cheadle to bare all in new TV drama

Don Cheadle, Awesome Actor, Dedicated Humanitarian. Couldn't decide rather to put him in 'Beauty' or 'Hotness'. He falls under both!


Michael Phelps - Baltimore born athlete in swimming breaking world records with the opportunity to have the most medals in the Olympics at the 2012 UK location.